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Abu Adeeb al-Shihabi ... evoking the history of Palestine, and nostalgia for return

2020-07-26 | Source: جمعية نواة – مركز التضامن الاجتماعي
The years of life did not extend to the memories of Hajj, "Abu Adeeb Al-Shihabi", who was forced to leave his homeland, Palestine, to join his people in the diaspora ... and the word "refugee" becomes inherent in his name. 72 years of displacement .. And the memories of Al-Shihabi are still present in his memory .. When you meet him, you can feel that passion and longing for th...

2020-06-21 | Source: إيهاب الكيلاني - جمعية نواة - مركز التضامن الاجتماعي

Shalhat: The elections confirmed that Israeli society is being swamped with extremism

2019-09-20 | Source: عرب ٤٨/ عمر دلاشة
The Israeli political scene remains uncertain after the election resulted in the defeat of Benjamin Netanyahu, who wanted a right-wing government based on the Haredi and religious Zionism, granting him judicial immunity and ensuring his political career. But the defeat of Netanyahu does not mean the defeat of the right, which retained 55 seats in parliament, in addition to the eight seats won by ...

Why do astronomers believe in dark matter?

2019-09-20 | Source: Michael J. I. Brown The Conversation
Dark matter is invisible in nature, cannot be monitored by a telescope, and particle physicists have yet to be honored to discover it through experiments. So why do I, and thousands of my colleagues, believe that most of the mass of the universe consists of dark matter, rather than the belief that the traditional matter that forms stars, planets and all other beings visible in our sky is the tyra...