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Abu Adeeb al-Shihabi ... evoking the history of Palestine, and nostalgia for return

2020-07-26 | Source: جمعية نواة – مركز التضامن الاجتماعي

The years of life did not extend to the memories of Hajj, "Abu Adeeb Al-Shihabi", who was forced to leave his homeland, Palestine, to join his people in the diaspora ... and the word "refugee" becomes inherent in his name. 72 years of displacement .. And the memories of Al-Shihabi are still present in his memory .. When you meet him, you can feel that passion and longing for the past present in his memory .. We visited him publicly, listening to him briefly about the stories of displacement .. The minutes passed as though they were seconds .. And we became eager to hear more championships that characterized our Palestinian people .. Many memories are still present in Al-Shihabi's memory ... starting from his first school to the last moments of his presence in Palestine, and immigration .. He tells us many stories .. about the school .. and the house .. and the neighborhood .. and the beginning of the war .. and whoever stands beside the Palestinian people and his support, and the one who shook at him .. tells the burning and longing of the moment he left Palestine, as he tells us his dreams and hopes for returning to the homeland was His first cuddling .. Although more than 70 years have passed since the Nakba ... Al-Shihabi still hopes to return, and he insists that the occupation will disappear, if not now, one day, at the hands of the resistance heroes of our people. An interesting meeting with Al-Shihabi .. We will present it to you in the form of paragraphs, during which he will talk about many moments he lived, and he did not lose sight of the history of Palestine and its fight against occupation ..