شعاع الحياة الجديد

To know how the New Beam of Life project helped the pregnant women and mothers we asked them about the services and their answers were as follows:
 “This project helped us a lot as the fees paid to the doctors are very simple compared to the medical fees paid in other hospitals, also the presence of the hospital inside the camp helped us a lot, as this doesn’t cost us extra fees (Transportation Fees). The Awareness sessions and the posters on the social media are of Great importance as they give us information which help us during pregnancy”
“I can visit the doctor every month to make sure that my fetus is in a good health and this would be impossible to me without the help of the project services. If I want to visit a gynecologist outside the framework of the project, I will not be able to pay the fees because the prices for external examinations have become very high, and paying these amounts has become impossible in light of the difficult economic conditions we are passing through.”
  “This project was of a great importance to me as it helped me a lot before and after delivery especially by helping me in the milk needed for my baby as I find a lot of difficulties in getting it”.
“I can take my daughter who was born within the project when she became sick to the doctor in the hospital benefiting from the card issued from the association. The low cost that I pay for consultation helps me by being able to pay for the medications that my daughter needs especially in the bad economic situations we are passing through”.