Heresy alternative solution to work

It is not a secret to anyone how the drowned clings to a straw, and from behind the edges, hands with mighty capabilities and amazing generosity stand, throwing a straw to each drowned person.
And I do not think we disagree that straw is a distraction from fear that neither saves nor enriches. So how did our armed organizations make the right to work and collect money that guarantees the preservation of human dignity and his need for life as a distraction that does not save?
Let's first look at the UNRWA innovation in 'money for work' and take a peek at the hole it has made. The innovation says that a different number of young men and women in the process of their production will be periodically selected and pushed into the labor market, and they will be distributed according to their specializations or choices previously, in a questionnaire to work A period of time of approximately sixty days, and the financial equivalent is 'mere', but it is interrupted.
What is the point of the innovation of UNRWA and other organizations that are concerned with employing the largest possible number of young people and getting rid of them quickly?
This creates instability in money, livelihood and social life, and it does not even give enough time to gain the required experience in any job market.
Our organizations are not far from it, but here blood may shed with sweat. The situation with the ongoing economic crisis in Lebanon and the collapse of the lira has become more complex. The number of young people at the entrances and alleys of the camps is suspiciously increasing, and two things are clear that military uniforms cannot conceal from them, and they are small the age of the militants, and their inability to bear arms, neither awareness nor jurisprudence in it.
Far from the obvious estimation, that we are a people with a warlike tendency as a result of their circumstances and experiences, and that fire escalates into fire, so it is inevitable.
Why do our organizations need this number of armed men in their orbits?
The goal of the young man among them is to secure his strength and provide for his family, so he seeks a job in which he does not understand and does not know its purpose, nothing with a few dollars brings him except more chances of death, and his soul is filled with bullets.
In summary, for all of the above, it seems clear that the person responsible for the Palestinian affairs in the diaspora has dramatically aborted his right to work, and they have convinced him that it is an alternative and indispensable solution.