Nahr El-Bared Branch

Within its strategic plan, Nuwat is working on a systematic expansion in different Palestinian refugee camps and gatherings in Lebanon, which aims at offering various services that, meet the urgent needs of a larger number of refugees without discrimination. Accordingly, its third branch was established in June 2019, especially after the reconstruction of nearly 60% of Nahr al-Bared camp. Nuwat seeks to provide safe spaces and a suitable environment for children to play and carry out activities, limiting dropouts and child labor. It works to alleviate the suffering of the neediest families inside the camp, and Nuwat also works on carrying out community awareness sessions concerning group of issues that help the development of society and advancement in all fields.
The center provides teaching support services for children enrolled in schools and alternative educational support for children, who have dropped out of schools from 6 to 12 years old within the alternative school project ; it also provides for the same age group of children purposeful recreational activities (games, Crafts, art, discussion sessions, interactive activities, sports activities, trips, etc.) within the Palestinian Child Club “Farah” project, and it also provides relief activities by providing in-kind or cash assistance with a donation from the residents of the camp and expatriates, especially in the month of Ramadan, where cocked meals are distributed within the “Mawaed Al-Kheir” project, which served to the needy families of the people at Al-Bared camp every year and since 2020, the center also has a soccer team for girls
Several awareness and development sessions are also implemented for all age groups targeted by the association
Several common projects are implemented

Recent Projects