Refugees Rights Youth Defenders

It is a youth project that works to enhance the capabilities of young people in terms of human rights related to refugees in the world, especially in Lebanon and the Western Sahara, as well as enhancing their media capabilities to become more able to defend the rights of refugees through their effective use of social media. This project comes within the Seeds of Independence program that it is funded by the Björkåfrihet Foundation, in which six associations participate (three Palestinian associations operate in Lebanon, the West Bank and Gaza, and three associations from Western Sahara).
The overall objective of the project is "a progressive, vibrant and united Palestinian civil society in its struggle for self-determination, justice and equality."
This project works to achieve the following objectives:
Developing the administrative capabilities of the Nuwat Association and its employees to provide better services to borrowers
Improving youth capacity to advocate for and claim refugee rights
Unifying the vision of young defenders on human rights and the work needed to achieve common goals
Improving youth capacity to advocate and demand from UNDP through shared ideas and plans